Best US Forex Brokers 2019

The US dollar is the most traded currency in the forex market; a market which sees over $5 trillion of trading activity every day. Getting involved in the liquid and potentially profitable forex market is easy to do with our top US forex brokers, who offer state of the art tools to help you meet your trading goals.

How to pick the best US Forex Brokers

Not sure which of these brokers meet your trading needs? There’s actually several aspects to consider before selecting a broker. And while we try our best to only bring you sites that we ourselves would trade at, we realise everyone is different. Before you sign up for your next trading opportunity - keep these things in mind:

We strongly advise that you only ever trade with regulated brokers to protect yourself and your capital. In the United States, financial services regulation is handled by the Natural Futures Association. Founded in 1982, this non-profit organisation ensures safety in the market by issuing licenses to approved brokers, combating fraud and making sure that any approved brokers have a minimum capital threshold in which to operate.

The most impressive US forex brokers offer a number of different tools and platforms that should appeal to all types of traders. They could offer their own proprietary platform, MetaTrader 4 or even their own mobile trading app. A varied tool box can be vital for that next trading opportunity - so make sure your new broker offers you the tools you need.

Research can often be the most vital aspect of any trade - and the best brokers will outfit their platforms with useful data and charting tools for you to analyse and take advantage of any opportunity. Free research often varies from broker to broker, so you will always have different options to consider. If you’re relatively new to the forex market, you should also consider their educational offering; typically the best brokers will offer a number of resources to help you improve, including webinars and ebooks.

Try before you buy
Still not sure if you should sign up to that promising US fx broker? Luckily for you, most brokers will offer a demo account giving you a good indicator of what the site is like to trade at. You will not only be able to open a practice account, but you will also be given a practice balance to test out the platform. This is also a good option for new traders looking to improve their skills in a live environment - demo accounts can even be good for experienced traders!

While you are trialing your demo forex account, this could also be a good opportunity to gauge their customer support; are your queries answered quickly? Is there enough information on the site? Once you have factored all of these, you should have a good picture of whether this broker is the right choice for you.