Best Indian Forex Brokers 2019

With one of the fastest growing economies in the world, it’s no wonder Indian traders are looking to sign up with the best Indian forex brokers in 2018. Due to the countries regulatory system, there are restrictions in place that do limit the kind of brokers Indian traders can sign up with.

SEBI Regulation in India

Forex in India is governed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) which was created to combat growing fraudulent activity in the country. This regulator operates in the same way as the FCA; they oversee the activity of current Indian forex brokers and issue licenses to new brokers. Approved brokers are constantly audited by SEBI and if any are found of malpractice, then their licenses are revoked.

SEBI was created due to the growing interest of forex in the country, which paved the way for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of unsuspecting investors. This means that trading forex in India is mostly a secure experience. But in exchange there are a number of challenging restrictions for Indian forex traders. For example, traders aren’t allowed to partake in any currency pair that doesn’t involved the Indian Rupee.

It’s also strictly illegal for an Indian trader to deposit money from an Indian account to an international broker without prior consent from the Indian authorities. If you are from India and want to trade with an International broker, make sure you have full authorisation before you start. The legal ramifications for trading at an international broker without consent can be severe. If you do get the go ahead, then there are some key aspects to look out for when searching for your new broker:

It may seem like unnecessary boundaries half the time, but regulation is there for your protection. Choose an unregulated broker and you open yourself up to significant financial harm. Regulated forex brokers on the other hand are constantly audited to make sure they are financially stable and trustworthy to trade with. When choosing your next Indian forex broker, make sure you pick a regulated one.

Powerful tools, in depth charts and a feature rich dashboard can easily help you find that next profitable trading opportunity. That means that choosing a suitable trading platform should be one of your top priorities when picking out your next broker. But you don’t have to click and pray that the next broker has the features you want. You can take advantage of free demo accounts instead, giving you access to what the broker has to offer without any need for upfront capital.

Customer Support
Technology goes wrong - and it’s frustrating when you haven’t got anyone to fall back on. When you sign up to a free demo account, you can not only experience the trading platform first hand, you can also gauge the customer service. Head on to the live chat or browse the FAQs to get a true sense of how customer friendly the broker is.