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  • New $1 Australia 200 Micro Contract

New $1 Australia 200 Micro Contract

Market Moves Staff in CFDs 14 Jul 2009

New $1 Australia 200 Micro Contract
IG Markets is pleased to announce the new $1 micro contract on the Australia 200 index, which makes taking a view on the overall market easy!

With market sentiment shifting from one moment to the next, you can avoid the uncertainty affecting individual stocks. By trading the Australia 200 on the IGMarket's award-winning PureDeal platform, you can access the broad market exposure you may be after.


  • Index-based prices  The price is based on the level of the underlying index, but has the added benefit of moving with the liquidity of the futures markets.
  • Commission free  All of contracts are commission free; the only charge is our competitive dealing spread.
  • Flexible transaction sizes - You can deal in fractions of a contract, plus IG offer a full range of micro, mini and full contracts on stock indices.
  • Guaranteed Stops - You can trade stock indices with risk protection, so your maximum possible loss is known exactly in advance.
  • 24-hour dealing - IG quote prices on leading stock indices even when the underlying markets are closed.

Plus you can trade a select group of indices in Australian Dollars. The IGMarkets AUD denominated CFDs allow you to avoid currency conversions and fluctuations, lock in your exposure in Australian Dollar terms, easily interpret your profit and loss and trade in lot sizes of AUD1/point.

Go to IGMarkets now to trade AUD denominated CFDs

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New $1 Australia 200 Micro Contract

IG Markets releases $1 AUD micro contract

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